Deep Sea Fishing in Costa Rica: what can you expect to catch?

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Dolphin Fish

Also known as the dorado or by its Hawaiian name mahi mahi to avoid confusion, the dolphin fish might be the most beautiful fish in the ocean. With beautiful, almost mesmerizing colors, and a gorgeous spine going down its back, they are prized world-wide for their beauty. They are also great table fare, found in many cuisines throughout the world. The real reason they are so prized, though, is their great strength. They are a tough catch. The Hawaiian name even means very strong. You know you’re a pro if you reel one of them in.

Yellowfin tuna

One of the largest members of the tuna species, these bad boys can reach up to 400lbs, although you will commonly see them at much smaller sizes around here. They are prized as sport fish and food. They are incredibly fast and as a strong as an ox, so don’t expect an easy time reeling one in. Instantly recognizable by their unique fins, they are used in raw food dishes throughout the world and are highly prized as table fare.


This tropical fish is normally white and grey, and not as big as many of the others that you will find down here. The main reason that sport fisherman prize them is because of their speed and strength. They are great fighters on the line, and they punch way above their weight. They have a mouth lined with razor sharp teeth, and are very aggressive when compared to the other types of game around here. It isn’t easy to catch one, so if you do you better brag about it when you get home.


The marlin is an iconic bill fish, a type of species that features a sword-like appendance protruding from their face. They can be found in the deep waters off Costa Rica and are one of the most popular and prized game fish of all due to their appearance and behaviour. While they are one of the biggest and most beautiful fish in the water, they are one of the one of the most delicious as well and often featured in high-quality sushi menus.


Similar in appearance to the marlin the sailfish is another type of bill fish that is known are highly for its speed and jumping ability, making it a great game fish. Sailfish come in a stunning array of colours, including brown, blue, gray and even purple, often speckled with iridescent stripes or dots. In addition to the fight they put up, they are highly sought after for their taste, as they are very good broiled or smoked.

What really sets us apart down here is the great game that is waiting for you out in the water. Our fishing is unrivaled. Not only do we have a great location for it, but we also have great fish to go after. It doesn’t matter if they are fast, slow, beautiful, ugly, or aggressive, they all would make a great trophy mounted on your wall. These are just a few that you can expect to catch when you come down to Costa Rica for deep sea fishing.