The Best Game Fish in Playa Hermosa

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There are plenty of great things about Playa Hermosa- the beach, the weather, the warm, enchanting water-but the real thing that “lures” people down to us is the fishing. This part of Costa Rica is one of the world’s most popular destinations for angling, and for good reason. The waters are teeming with game all year round. Everyone from the seasoned pro to the amateur can find something to catch. Here are the best game fish in Playa Hermosa to go after while you’re down here.


These bad boys are most often blue or grey with a prominent dorsal fin, more commonly known as a sail, running down the length of their backs. They can’t be mistaken. The warm waters here are the perfect environment for them to thrive in. You’ll hear a lot of people around here call them billfish, and you’ll be able to tell why as soon as you see their giant nose. Known for their leaping and jumping ability, they are some of the most prized fish in the sea. It won’t be easy to get one but if you do you can brag about it at the bar next time and not be telling a tall tale.


The dolphin fish, more commonly known as a mahi-mahi (or just mahi) just to avoid confusion, is one of the most colourful and delicious fish in the sea. It haunts the world’s subtropical waters and is one of the most prized fish down here on the coast. Sport fishermen go after them for their beauty and size, but beware that they don’t go down easy- the name mahi-mahi is Hawaiian for ‘very strong.’ They are heavily fished for their taste, as well. They are perhaps the top table fare when it comes to seafood.


These agile predators are some of the best sport fish down here in Costa Rica. Playa Hermosa and the surrounding waters are teeming with them. Some can reach incredible speeds and they put up a good fight when trying to reel them in. with sleek bodies and strong jaws, they are a true test for any seasoned pro. They taste great to boot!

To most people fishing is just something fun to do on the weekends to nab themselves a little fish off the pier, but we know that if you are thinking about some good sport fishing, then you are the kind of angler that wants things taken to the next level. The fish down here can give you a good test if you go for the right ones. Ryan Lindy will help you take down the best game fish in Playa Hermosa. That is – if you’re up for the challenge.